Professional Corporate & Financial Service

cfSolutions offer a wide spectrum of corporate finance services. Our service value cycle involves:

  • Origination of ideas and strategy
  • Execution of corporate actions and and implementation of transactions
  • Raising of funds from suitable sources depending on needs
  • General advisory and consultancy

Depending on the needs of our clients, we would be involved in all or certain stages of the value cycle.

Financial Advisory Services

cfSolutions provides independent advice, valuation and opinion on assets and transactions.


M&A Lead Advisory Services

cfSolutions will help you determine key points, opportunities, consequences, success factors and deal-breakers when you decide to buy, sell or finance your business.


Fund Raising Services

cfSolutions will structure tailor-made financing solutions for you. Our focus, in particular, includes pre-IPO funding and placements with strategic investors.


Corporate Restructuring Services

cfSolutions works collaboratively with clients to turn around businesses. We systematically address key strategy, operations, infrastructure, and financial trouble spots.



The road to an Initial Public Offering can be a tedious and treacherous one and must be handled with care. cfSolutions will map out strategies to achieve a successful IPO.


Corporate Services

It is essential for companies to focus on core competencies. Non-core activities can be performed by specialised service providers who can perform these tasks more cost effectively.